Paw Paw’s BIO

Kelly PlayingPaw Paw Pounds Started Playing Drums at age 12 in Philippines in the year 0f 1964. Started getting paid to play drums at 13. Moved to Atlanta 1966 and met Billy Joe Royal at the Cobb County Fairgrounds and then made contacts with Bill Lowery Publishing company and was encouraged to quit high school and go on the Road with Decembers’ Children 1968 at age 16.  December’s Children had a 45 in the charts and needed a sober drummer. It was a road band playing 50 weeks a year. while Paw Paw was with Decembers Children he was signed to World Pacific Records and Liberty Records. As The Atlanta Music Scene grew and became a mecca of Southern Music, Paw Paw landed gigs as a drummer in multiple studios around town. The exposure in the studio introduced him to some great musicians in town like Brook Benton, Randal Bramblett of Sea Level, The Atlanta Rhythm Section, Joe South, and Dean Dollar. During his travels with Decembers Chlildren Paw Paw shared the stage with Paul Revere and the Raiders, Dicky Betts, Ted Nugent, and Mike Pinera of Iron Butterfly. Decembers Children changed their name to McKoon,  Jerry Mckoon, Paul Day along with guitarist Marvin Taylor and Randal Bramblett on keys and horns this brought a new era.  Dennis Yost & The Classics IV! worked out of the same office in Atlanta and few years after Mckoon the Classics IV hired him as their drummer. The Classics IV were under management of legendary Paul Cochran and the name was sold to some outfit in Detroit that put sound alike groups together for profit. Paw Paw joined Mountain Fever featuring the multi talented Rick “Pig” Pierce, Mountain Fever was a highly successful Blue Grass Band that owned their on studio and Pig and Paw Paw brought the band into an new era of rockin’ bluegrass in Atlanta!  Rick the Pig, and Paw Paw went on to play with The Shorty Watkins Band with Cowboy Eddie Long who went on to play with Hank Williams Jr’s Bama Band. Shorty and his wife Pam at the time had the most exceptional talent backing their genius with Bodacious Bee on bass, Dr Hugh Pitts on lead guitar and Cowboy, Pig and Paw literally had the best band Atlanta had seen in years.

In 1979 Paw Paw moved to Columbia South Carolina during his first retirement to study Electrical Engineering. Paw got a studio gig within a few weeks of college and picked up some pocket change with a local band money quickly. The band turned into the Martial Law Band which became Florida’s hottest southern rock band and toured extensively at venues including Durty Harry’s Key West and Janie Lanes in Orlando. He was in his mid forties and having more fun and success than expected. After Martial Law folded he started Banana River Audio and opened a pro audio and lighting showroom in Cocoa Village in Cocoa Florida. He worked a few years building that business but again was swept back into the stage life when offered a spot with the Photons. His old guitar player from Martial Law, Luke Sommer Glenn had formed a band with former the lead singer from Guess Who, Brent Dejarlis ( took Burton Cummings place). Played in the Keys regularly and was again having a great time. Paw Paw left the Photons, however,  something started brewing between Paw Paw and guitarist Luke Glenn. Luke had left the Photons and remained as a resident of Key Largo. The Project was “ZANGTWANGO”. the band featured Luke, Paw Paw, and lead bassist Dave Bowman from Miami. They were the house band at the world Famous Caribbean Club in Key Largo.

The club is world famous because it was used in the movie Key Largo featuring Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall and Edward G. Robinson.

‘It was a blast we had a dream gig”, “it was hot as hell because there was no AC but it really didn’t matter you were to busy satisfying a fan base from all over the world, while getting paid great money from the club and tips in excess of $300 a night.

I drove 300 miles a week round trip for over 2 years. but I was literally worshiped by the locals that put me up in a fine Keys Style Home for free the whole time I was playing down there. The floundering economy brought Zangtwango to an end couple years ago. Business was off and gas went through the roof.

Paw Paw is back in Melbourne Paw Paw decided to regroup Zangtwango and this website contains the information about the new project.