The band is working hard on our new set list and getting ready to hit the stage. Hope to see you at the next gig!
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Bobby Teague

Booby on blue and black les paul 9-10-15 Bobby started playing guitar at age 14 in Thomasville NC. He had been playing       drums since he was 10 and he was in the high school band. He played drums as he learned to play guitar. The Beatles had left an impression on him so he switched to guitar and vocals. A few years passed and then Grand Funk Railroad came along and he was hooked. sometime around 1972 he played with a local band Heavy Fog in 1975 he had left the band to join James Butler and his Band. then in 1978 he merged into the KRYSTAL band and this band had and incredible vibe to draw giant crowds all of the Greensboro and Winston Salem area. Before he moved to Florida he was wrapping up a 4 year position with One Eyed Jack.

Bobby is rides a Harley but is a Christian man and now is singing lead and playing lead guitar as well as writing tunes for Zangtwango.