Classic Rock & Roll For Southern People

ZANGTWANGO is a collection of very seasoned veterans who have created their own style of Red Neck Rock ‘N’ Roll. These guys have played with many superstars during the last 40 years. I can easily say that Zangtwango includes players that are pioneers of every kind of Rock ‘n’ Roll listed in the Genre World. Basically they are some of the inventors of the music you call Groove Oriented Southern Rock. Fed up with the bull snot shoved down their throats Zangtwango is now in charge of their own destiny. They are the World’s First Red Neck Rock ‘n’ Roll Band. “We are taking independence to a new level” ZT

Paw Paw Punds Band Logo

Zangtwango uses a party hard atmosphere through Southern Rock, Classic Rock, Blues and outrageous drinking songs from the past to the present. It is our intention to create a “drink on demand” suggestive statement uttered over the microphone that, in time, will condition our audience to consume several drinks per set and if anyone gets a big buzz, well they can order some food to decrease their intoxication.  We stress responsible drinking and designated drivers at all times. The band is active in putting an end to child hunger worldwide.